Week 43 & 44: 100 Things

What’s on YOUR List?

This is sooo simple and will help you SEE what your Heart Whispers truly are!! Here’s what you do….

Decide what kind of 100 List you are going to make. It could be goals, Bucket List items, ways to control your clutter, stuff just running around in your brain, etc.

Take a piece of paper or your journal and number 1-100.

Now start writing and don’t stop. Not even once time! Keep on listing.

Once you have filled in ALL 100 lines read through them.

You should start seeing a pattern of what your Heart is truly saying. It’s possible you will list “Have an art retreat” over 20 times on your list (like me!!!). That’s a sign to YOU of what it is your Heart is longing for!!!

By creating a list without thinking about it long and hard we are only writing down those things that truly matter to us!

Happy Listing!!!!