Week 41: Daily Journal Writing



There are so many reasons I love journaling…but this quote sums it up perfectly!

My Writing Journey

I began keeping a journal back in 1978.

Grease was the Word…


Mork had just landed on Earth from Ork…


And Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing” topped the charts.

My grandma gifted me a tiny gold pocket journal for my Birthday. I absolutely LOVED it and began keeping it that day. I still have that little journal filled with all the important stuff a fifth grader has on their mind…boys I liked, sleepovers with friends and the weather.:)

The older I got the bigger my journals got. My book of choice was a spiral bound notebook with images like these on them…

I filled each book with problems, my love of Donnie Beger and all my Dreams for the future. Looking back those journals helped me have a place to process all the yuck in my life and allowed me to stay sane.

Your Assignment

Your assignment this week is to either purchase a journal or find one you already have and start writing in it…DAILY.


Even if all you write is the weather…just do it. Over time you find that journal writing is one habit you won’t want to do without!

To help you get started be sure and print off my FREE “What to Journal” page!!

What to Journal About

You can find ALL 41 prompts of “I Say Yes” here.

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Hope you can join us!!








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