Week 39: Wear What You LOVE


What if I told you…

I truly believe that what we wear affects how we feel about ourselves. I grew up with a Mom who told me almost everyday…

“Leslie Dawn, no matter where you are going it’s important to look nice.”.

So I always do. It doesn’t matter if I am going to our local grocery store for a gallon of milk…I always try to look presentable. That doesn’t mean I haven’t gone into Wal-Mart looking like a train wreck…but 90% of the time I at least have my hair done or a ball cap on and lip gloss.

But here’s what I REALLY mean

What we are talking about this week is wearing what we LOVE…or as Kelly Rae Roberts calls it…Wearing Our Joy.

Important to note…wearing what we love probably means something VERY different than what our friend is wearing. You may feel absolutely AMAZING in sweats, a t-shirt and a hat while your bestie prefers leggings, a gold sweater and long boots. The goal here is to…

Wear What YOU Love

Our Lesson

It’s time to go through your closet and take out EVERYTHING that doesn’t make your Heart absolutely, 100% SING! Make three piles….your LOVE pile…your “I think I will put you up for awhile” pile and your “take to charity” pile.

This can be a FUN way to spend an afternoon so embrace it!!! Remember you can change up the look of an outfit with a piece of jewelry, too!!

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Week 38: Gratitude List


Here’s what I know…

I KNOW when I have an attitude of gratitude…I just FEEL better. And when I feel better I take care of myself better and I do better. In my opinion when I am taking care of myself and trying my very best and being grateful for it ALL…my age stops being an issue for me and instead I am just me. Not 52 year old me…but loving, giving, creative, grateful me.

This week I invite you to be GRATEFUL. Create a list of everything you are grateful for…right down to the shoes on your feet!

Put these in your journals or create a few pages to highlight some of the things that make the top of your Gratitude List.



Week 37: Fifty Fab Adjectives


November’s Theme

Our Theme this month is Aging. Now I realize many of you in our I Say Yes group are well under 35…but the way I see it…it’s NEVER to soon to start feeling the very best about yourself!

One of my favorite books on the subject is called “Younger by the Day” by Victoria Moran. It’s full of ideas to help you “grow younger everyday”. Moran’s ideas are easy and reflect how I have been feeling about myself, especially since I entered my fifties… two years ago.

You may be wondering what the heck Aging has to do with our art journaling group…I say plenty! When we decide to stop living on auto-pilot and start SAYING YES to our life…in order to Say Yes in the first place we need to FEEL GOOD about ourselves. And as we have discussed many times in our group…that is more often than not the roadblock we are up against in Saying Yes. We just feel plain yucky about ourselves, our situation…our life. This month by focusing on the Aging Process and ways we can feel better about that…we are setting ourselves up to Say Yes more often than saying no.

This Week’s Prompt

This week I invite you to make a list of at least 50 adjectives that describe YOU right now. Moran calls them FABULOUS ADJECTIVES…so you know what that means…NO frumpy allowed!!!!

Feel free to create a page in your journal with some of your favorite adjectives or create a deck of cards like group member Marcia Holloway did!

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Week 36: How Do You See Yourself?


I’ve never been one to worry too much about my age. I think it’s because I have always FELT younger than I am. Seriously…I feel just like I did in high school…minus my body aches, of course!

There have been a few times in my life, though when I reached a certain number and I panicked just a little…30 was a hard one for me (really??!! what I wouldn’t give to be 30!) And 50….I was so depressed that day I didn’t even get out of my pajama’s until 3 in the afternoon!

Now that I am 52 all I keep thinking is…only 8 more years and I am SIXTY!!!! Oh my GOSH!!!

How Do You See Yourself?

There are somedays I look in the mirror and all I see are  my wrinkles, extra fat around my chin and age spots. On those days I get depressed thinking everyone I meet will see them, too. My worse fear is someone seeing me as an overweight,  frumpy looking, middle-age woman!

But in reality I am so much MORE than what I see…YOU are, too!! Wrinkles and age spots are inevitable. But an excitement for living, a spring in our step, a passion in our Heart…those things not only light us up INSIDE but SHOW on the outside! I have met women 10, 20 years older than me that RADIATE BEAUTY. And after talking with them it’s obvious it’s because they are doing what they LOVE. They are taking care of themselves, loving themselves and ACCEPTING themselves.



Our Assignment

Our assignment this week comes from a magnificent book on aging…”Younger by the Day” by Victoria Moran. Here is a snippet…

“In order to remember how wonderful she is, a woman needs 50 Fabulous Adjectives to describe herself. These adjectives should describe you best AND describe the best of you. They can be about how you look, but more importantly how you FEEL.”

Moran goes on to say that if you have trouble coming up with 50 words think about all the roles you play…wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, daughter, caregiver, student, seeker, artist, etc. She also says feel free to ask your loved ones to give you a word that they think best describes you.

Our goal with this exercise to start SEEING our Hearts instead of your looks. We can get so caught up in our size, our wrinkles, our hairstyles that we forget who it is WE REALLY ARE.

Feel free to create a journal page listing all 50 adjectives or just pick out a few that you love. For even more fun you could create 50 index or playing cards with ONE WORD on each card so you have a complete deck of 50 Fabulous Adjectives to inspire you whenever you need a boost!

Affirmation: I am more than my Age. I am a Beautiful, Strong, Creative Woman that LIVES Life with Energy and Grace.

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