Week 37: Fifty Fab Adjectives


November’s Theme

Our Theme this month is Aging. Now I realize many of you in our I Say Yes group are well under 35…but the way I see it…it’s NEVER to soon to start feeling the very best about yourself!

One of my favorite books on the subject is called “Younger by the Day” by Victoria Moran. It’s full of ideas to help you “grow younger everyday”. Moran’s ideas are easy and reflect how I have been feeling about myself, especially since I entered my fifties… two years ago.

You may be wondering what the heck Aging has to do with our art journaling group…I say plenty! When we decide to stop living on auto-pilot and start SAYING YES to our life…in order to Say Yes in the first place we need to FEEL GOOD about ourselves. And as we have discussed many times in our group…that is more often than not the roadblock we are up against in Saying Yes. We just feel plain yucky about ourselves, our situation…our life. This month by focusing on the Aging Process and ways we can feel better about that…we are setting ourselves up to Say Yes more often than saying no.

This Week’s Prompt

This week I invite you to make a list of at least 50 adjectives that describe YOU right now. Moran calls them FABULOUS ADJECTIVES…so you know what that means…NO frumpy allowed!!!!

Feel free to create a page in your journal with some of your favorite adjectives or create a deck of cards like group member Marcia Holloway did!

Just click where it says WATCH ON FACEBOOK and it will take you to her video:)


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