Week 33:No More Comfort Zone


Welcome to Week 33 of “I Say Yes”! What a WONDERFUL 33 weeks it has been! We have all learned so much about ourselves, our Art and each other. If you haven’t heard of “I Say Yes”…here are all 33 prompts. Be sure and join our Private Facebook Group here.

Step out of your Art Journaling Comfort Zone

It’s so easy to get in a Creative Rut! I encourage you to flip through your journals, being mindful of what you see repeated in your pages. For me it’s pretty easy to spot…At least 90% of the time I use either a magazine girl or vintage girl in my pages.


And while I will always use these images in my Art  (I LOVE THEM) it’s good to do something DIFFERENT! Whenever we try a new technique or add something fresh to our pages it helps our Creativity bloom in ways we never imagined.

Our Challenge

This week we are gonna focus on breaking free from our creative box we have put ourselves in. Remember you don’t have to make big changes…by putting a twist on what you already do you will be inspired in ways you never dreamed of.

Here is a FREE print-out for you filled with 22 ways to help YOU break out of your creative comfort zone.

22 Ways to Help YOU

Please be sure and share your work in our group!!! I look forward to seeing what you do!