Week 32: Let Go!



Let Go and Trust Yourself

This week as we continue on this path of Creativity…we are going to learn to LET GO. The very best way I know to do that is by gathering up various mediums, a few different substrates and get to work!

Our goal this week is to create 10 layered backgrounds for our journals, cards or just to enjoy. There should be very little thought put into this rather the entire objective of this exercise is to be intuitive.

What you need

*copy paper, deli paper, watercolor paper and/or your journal

*acrylic paint, watercolor paint, gesso, watercolor crayons, etc.

*stencils, stamps, masks

*markers, paint pens, pencils

*patterned paper, book paper

*glue stick or Mod Podge

selective focus photo of assorted school supplies

Photo by Camargo Anthony on Pexels.com

Gather your supplies and block out an hour or so to do nothing but create! Turn on your favorite music, show or just enjoy the silence. Begin putting down paint, papers or whatever inspires you. Your goal is to create at least three layers per background…not thinking at all about your outcome…just focusing on the act of doing.

(samples of acrylic paint from WordPress)

Here is a background page from my journal I just finished this weekend.

Notice all the layers on my finished pages!



Products used…

White China Pencil

acrylic paint

paint pens

Dina Wakley Stamps

Dyan Reavley Stamps

White Signo Pen


Goal this Week

Our goal this week is to create TEN backgrounds using as many products and layers as you like. Don’t think about the end product…just let go and create! Enjoy these FREE printables to help you on your Creative Journey this week.

Week 32_ Letting Go and Trusting Yourself

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