Week 35: Playing Around with Circles


Set Yourself Free

How many times do we overthink our…day, night, work, writings, workouts, life, art?

Daily? Hourly? Every waking moment?

This is our last week of Creativity in “I Say Yes” and it’s all about having FUN! It’s all about not overthinking anything and just putting paint, markers, crayons, paper, etc down in our journals.

This week we are creating circles!!


Google Image

Bright, colorful circles that let us just be FREE with paint, markers, pencil…whatever we choose!


Google image

There is NO need for perfection this week…we can be as elementary as we like! Our goal is just to let our art flow out of us onto the paper.

I really LOVE this set of circles by mixed-media artist Traci Bunkers.


Art by Traci Bunkers


*Put on your favorite music

*In your journal start drawing circles…using a paintbrush, marker, pen, pencil or even your finger

*Take a few circles a day and begin filling them in with shapes, doodles, flowers, words, whatever inspires you

*Each circle’s contents can represent your current mood, a person in your life, a dream or goal, and idea, something you have been wanting to try, words, etc.

Download and print off 23 Ideas!

Week 35_ Playing Around with Circles

Week 34: Creative Affirmations


It’s a proven fact…when we tell ourselves something over and over again it becomes truth…at least in our little worlds. And when it comes to being creative I can only imagine the things you tell yourself…

“But I’m not as good as her.”

‘I could NEVER be as creative as you.”

“I have never been the creative type.”

“I can’t draw or paint or (whatever!!)….”

I used to be just like you. But finally, after years and years of creating and doing it anyway I am proud to say on MOST days I love my work and feel confident sharing it!

Our Assignment

This week we are going to create a Creative Affirmation Poster. Here’s what you will need…

vison board

This is an image I found using Google/Artist Unknown



*poster board/canvas

*images from magazines, pattern paper, old calendars, etc.

*words from magazines

*Creative Affirmations

*glue stick


Create your poster using  images, words and phrases that speak to you and your Creativity. Anything that lights you up and sparks your creative mind should be on your poster!! Be sure and print of my FREE Creative Affirmations pages above for dozens of inspiring messages to help you live your BEST creative life!

Be sure and share in our I Say Yes on-line community.

Happy Creating!



Week 33:No More Comfort Zone


Welcome to Week 33 of “I Say Yes”! What a WONDERFUL 33 weeks it has been! We have all learned so much about ourselves, our Art and each other. If you haven’t heard of “I Say Yes”…here are all 33 prompts. Be sure and join our Private Facebook Group here.

Step out of your Art Journaling Comfort Zone

It’s so easy to get in a Creative Rut! I encourage you to flip through your journals, being mindful of what you see repeated in your pages. For me it’s pretty easy to spot…At least 90% of the time I use either a magazine girl or vintage girl in my pages.


And while I will always use these images in my Art  (I LOVE THEM) it’s good to do something DIFFERENT! Whenever we try a new technique or add something fresh to our pages it helps our Creativity bloom in ways we never imagined.

Our Challenge

This week we are gonna focus on breaking free from our creative box we have put ourselves in. Remember you don’t have to make big changes…by putting a twist on what you already do you will be inspired in ways you never dreamed of.

Here is a FREE print-out for you filled with 22 ways to help YOU break out of your creative comfort zone.

22 Ways to Help YOU

Please be sure and share your work in our group!!! I look forward to seeing what you do!

Week 32: Let Go!


Let Go and Trust Yourself

This week as we continue on this path of Creativity…we are going to learn to LET GO. The very best way I know to do that is by gathering up various mediums, a few different substrates and get to work!

Our goal this week is to create 10 layered backgrounds for our journals, cards or just to enjoy. There should be very little thought put into this rather the entire objective of this exercise is to be intuitive.

What you need

*copy paper, deli paper, watercolor paper and/or your journal

*acrylic paint, watercolor paint, gesso, watercolor crayons, etc.

*stencils, stamps, masks

*markers, paint pens, pencils

*patterned paper, book paper

*glue stick or Mod Podge

selective focus photo of assorted school supplies

Photo by Camargo Anthony on

Gather your supplies and block out an hour or so to do nothing but create! Turn on your favorite music, show or just enjoy the silence. Begin putting down paint, papers or whatever inspires you. Your goal is to create at least three layers per background…not thinking at all about your outcome…just focusing on the act of doing.

(samples of acrylic paint from WordPress)

Here is a background page from my journal I just finished this weekend.

Notice all the layers on my finished pages!



Products used…

White China Pencil

acrylic paint

paint pens

Dina Wakley Stamps

Dyan Reavley Stamps

White Signo Pen


Goal this Week

Our goal this week is to create TEN backgrounds using as many products and layers as you like. Don’t think about the end product…just let go and create! Enjoy these FREE printables to help you on your Creative Journey this week.

Week 32_ Letting Go and Trusting Yourself

Go here for ALL 32 of my I Say Yes Prompts

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Week 31: 31 Days of Creativity


Welcome to Week 31

This month we are Saying YES to Creativity! Ways to fill our creative wells, inject Creativity Breaks into our days and figure out what the heck inspires us as well as drains us creatively. I am so grateful you are here!

What’s it mean to be Creative? says this…

the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality/imagination. 

To kickstart our month of creativity let’s write a “Creative Manifesto”. We are going to declare a list of intentions and objections for ourselves regarding our Creativity!! How in the heck do we do that, you ask? Just click on the link below!

I Say Yes” October Challenge_ 31 Days of Creativity

What is Mind Mapping?

In the printable above and mentioned a few times in my Creativity print off you will see the phrase “Mind Mapping”. I do explain it in your print out but wanted to share a visual with you here…

In the center you put whatever it is you are declaring or want to work on…


Then you draw arrows away from that and write out any thoughts that come to mind then circle. I find this exercise to be EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!!!

Here is an excellent article on Mind Mapping that will help you understand it better!!

Mind Mapping

What will happen this month?

Here’s what you can expect this month…

*31 Days of Creativity PDF

*Creativity Breaks PDF

*Creativity Boosters Daily on FB LIVE

*Weekly Lessons

I hope you will join me as I SAY YES to my Creativity this month!!!

31 Days of Creativity by Leslie Ackman

I Say Yes” October Challenge_ 31 Days of Creativity

Creativity Break Ideas by Leslie Ackman

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