Week 28: Time for Self-Care



Where Can Our Time Be Better Spent?

Last week we talked about Time Wasters. I believe the biggest time waster in America today is Social Media. How many times do you turn to your phone to check on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Or what about games like Candy Crush or Farmville? After last week I realized the ONLY time I play Candy Crush is when I am avoiding something. WOW!

I KNOW there is a better way to spend my time…after all time is so precious!


Our Assignment

This week let’s PROMISE ourselves we will start taking back our Precious Time! We will stop wasting our lives scrolling through Facebook, playing phone games and other things that contribute to us living on Auto-Pilot!!!

We will start out slowly…I understand that no matter how bad the habit…it can be so hard to break them all at once! Soooo…this week let’s take 20 to 30 minutes AWAY from our Time wasters and ADD 20 to 30 minutes to our Self Care. When you find yourself needing a mental break and turning to your phone instead why not try…

*writing in your journal

*make a Top Ten list of what’s good in your life

*go outside

*Take a walk

*create a background in your journal

Enjoy this FREE printable FILLED with dozens of ways to start taking care of YOU today and saying BY BYE to hours of endless Time Wasters!!!

Ideas for Getting off the Couch

Please share YOUR ideas in our Facebook group…I Say Yes!


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