Week Twenty: Procrastination & Peace



I LOVE this quote! And deep down I KNOW it’s sooo true and yet I waste so much time procrastinating!

Welcome to Week Twenty of “I Say Yes”!

It’s Week 20 of my FREE year long art journaling class. Haven’t heard of it? I invite you to go here and join us! You can find the first 19 weeks here.

This week lets talk about PROCRASTINATION and how it AFFECTS our Peace…Here is the definition of procrastination….”the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention.” 

Hmmmm….that sounds like me more times than not lately. I feel overwhelmed with so much going on and yet instead of getting things done I curl up on the couch not knowing what to tackle first.

After doing THAT for days and sometimes weeks my To Do list is soooooo LONG and my time so short I feel buried. Now THAT doesn’t do anything for my Peace of Mind!

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It’s times when I feel like that I start living on Auto-Pilot, shut myself off from everything and everyone and just exist.











We have several assignments this week…all to inspire YOU to stop putting things off and find the PEACE you deserve!

Before anything else this week I invite you to make your Procrastination List.

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EVERYTHING that is on your mind that you KNOW needs to be done but you keep putting off goes on this list! Next choose FIVE things from your list and ACCOMPLISH them this week. YOU CAN DO IT!

For your journal page choose one of the quotes in our PDF this week or one of your own and create a page.

Here is this weeks’s FREE printable including a template for your Peace Journal!!!

Week Twenty_ Procrastination Sabotages Your Peace

Have a Peaceful and Productive Week!




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One thought on “Week Twenty: Procrastination & Peace

  1. Oh Leslie, once again everything you write resonates with me. I’ve kind of narrowed down why I don’t do what is on my list….I work full time at a job I’m not too fullfilled with and it’s exhausting mentally to be here, so when I get home, I don’t want to do what has to be done, I want to do what I want. Usually that is reading or binge watching, sometimes creating or coloring, but too many times I don’t want to think or exert myself in any way :/ oy such is my cycle.

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