Pursuing Peace



Peace. We all want some. We live in such a fast-paced world…always zipping from here to there. Checking our texts, our emails, our Facebook and Instagram. Working, cleaning, going, doing. How in the world do we find Peace in all this craziness?

Pursuing Peace

It’s Week Seventeen of my year long free art journaling class I Say Yes. And it’s a brand new month…time for a NEW theme!! This month I have picked Pursuing Peace for several reasons…

Number One…I NEED Peace at the moment.

Number Two…YOU need Peace at the moment.


I am super excited to be on this Peace Journey with you this month and look forward to learning what brings YOU Peace. We will also dig deep this month as we learn, perhaps the most important lesson of all..that Peace is a FEELINg deep in our Souls. It’s not an action but rather a feeling. I love that and KNOW that when I add just a few new habits to my day Inner Peace will envelope me and keep me Moving Forward.

Our Assignment

This week’s assignment is pretty east…create a list of what brings you Peace. For me it’s pretty simple…

*time spent in my studio

*a cup of coffee in my gazebo

*driving around with my girl or my sweetie

*spending time with my fur babies

Enjoy this free worksheet to guide you this week!

Pursuing Peace

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See you next week!