Week Seventeen: Let’s Go to the Movies


There is just something about movies…

I don’t know about you but I LOVE movies. All kinds of movies. Comedies, drama, romantic comedies, mystery, horror, adventure…and when I really, really like a movie I tend to watch it more than once.

For me, summer and movies just go hand in hand. Growing up my Dad was a huge fan of Big Box Office films…you know…Jaws, Star Wars, Terminator, etc. Dad hated spending money unless it was on the movies…then he would go all out. Popcorn, pop, candy, all kinds of treats…whatever we wanted! Going to the movies with my family is one of my favorite childhood memories!

This week’s prompt

As our month of Walking on Sunshine winds down I thought it would be fun to share our favorite films in our journals and in our Facebook group. You can even create a page filled with your most loved quotes and scenes from a movie. For me one of the BEST endings ever in a film is from the 1987 John Hughes movie…”Some Kind of Wonderful”.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Next week we will get back into our thought-provoking and serious journaling exercises as my FREE year long art journaling class  “I Say Yes” continues. I would LOVE for you to join us!!! Please click here for our private Facebook group and be sure and go here for ALL seventeen weeks.