Week 16: Smile

So Many Reasons

Here we are in Week 16 of my year long art journaling class “I Say Yes”. Thank you for being here and participating. What a GREAT group of strong, brave and Beautiful women we have!! If you don’t know what “I Say Yes” I encourage you to start here. We would LOVE to have you!!

The entire month of June we have sorta taken time off from the “deep thinking”. The themes and prompts that make us really dig deep and maybe face some hard stuff in our lives. It is summer after all AND we have ALL been working so HARD at Healing and Sharing!!! I am proud of you!

This week we are talking about SMILES. Whether they are Big or Little, Real or Fake, smiling TRULY can help you have a better day!

photo of woman holding a green paper

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Did you know that smiling can…

*Reduce Stress

*Kill Pain

*Help you live longer

I encourage you to read this AWESOME article  to find out MORE benefits of SMILING!

Our Assignment

This week I invite you to create a page listing all the things that make you smile. For me things as simple as watching the squirrels and birds play in my yard do the trick.

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Until next time…