Week 16: Smile

So Many Reasons

Here we are in Week 16 of my year long art journaling class “I Say Yes”. Thank you for being here and participating. What a GREAT group of strong, brave and Beautiful women we have!! If you don’t know what “I Say Yes” I encourage you to start here. We would LOVE to have you!!

The entire month of June we have sorta taken time off from the “deep thinking”. The themes and prompts that make us really dig deep and maybe face some hard stuff in our lives. It is summer after all AND we have ALL been working so HARD at Healing and Sharing!!! I am proud of you!

This week we are talking about SMILES. Whether they are Big or Little, Real or Fake, smiling TRULY can help you have a better day!

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Did you know that smiling can…

*Reduce Stress

*Kill Pain

*Help you live longer

I encourage you to read this AWESOME article  to find out MORE benefits of SMILING!

Our Assignment

This week I invite you to create a page listing all the things that make you smile. For me things as simple as watching the squirrels and birds play in my yard do the trick.

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Until next time…



Week 15: Let’s Have FUN!


Last week we talked about our Summer Bucket List of FUN things we want to do before shorter days and colder nights take over. I wrote down 5 things I am looking forward to doing over the next 10 weeks but quickly realized I am gonna need way more than just five days of fun sprinkled here and there. I need to figure out a way I can incorporate enjoyable activities into my DAILY life, too.

Trust me. I realize we are ALL busy gals. Many of us work forty plus hours a week as well as take care of children and our home. Yet, there has to be a way for us to find SOME time just for us and LAUGH.

Be Silly.




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Our Assignment

This week your assignment is to inject FUN into your days. Whether it’s visiting with a co-worker over break, taking time to read a favorite book, creating a quick Soul Card or planning a date night with your husband…find a way, no matter how tired or overwhelmed you may feel to Have FUN!!!


Here is an AWESOME article on ways YOU can have more FUN in your days.

Week 15_ “I Say Yes_ Let’s Have FUN



What’s on YOUR Summer Bucket List?

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
― Henry James

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Oh the JOYS of Summer! Long, warm days and Beautiful, Starry Nights. Summer is truly one of my favorite times of the year. Life, somehow, just seems more carefree and relaxing.

 What is a Summer Bucket List?

Ever since I can remember I have been a list maker and summer is no exception. In fact every Summer since Jr. High School I have created my own Summer Bucket List. All the stuff I want to do/have more of during three of the sweetest months of the year.

This summer will be a bit more hectic than usual in my little part of the world as my husband and I just took our Shaved Ice business from a food truck to a brick and mortar building! It’s a VERY exciting time in life but also VERY busy!! My Summer Bucket List is even that more important to me as I will NEED some down time.

So what should you be putting on YOUR List you ask? ANYTHING fun, relaxing, exciting, special that YOU want to do before the craziness of Fall and school and activities start up again in September.

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Here’s what on MY List…

  1. 80’s Movie Night with Em (my 21 yr. old daughter). Watch all our faves including Meatballs and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Make a delicious gluten-free pizza and popcorn and get cozy in our jammies and blankets.
  2. Mom, Em and I head to Hamilton, Mo. for a full day of shopping, eating and COFFEE!!
  3. Art Day with my friends at my house.
  4. Weston with Mom and Em. Show her the Pub.
  5. Dave (my husband) and I get away for a few days…just us. NO phones. NO business Talk…just relaxation and Good Times!
Create YOUR List

Now’s the Time to create YOUR Summer Bucket List! It can include books you want to read, trips you want to take, whatever fills YOU up!

Here is a FREE printable to help you create your list.

My Summer Bucket List 2018

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