Week 11: Positive Affirmations


“Positive affirmations address something in our lives that we want to adjust or replace with something better: change an overweight body into a slim and fit one, or replace an unhealthy daily habit like smoking with a healthy daily habit of drinking more water. The reason we feel better when speaking these positive thoughts as verbal statements is because the positive energy of good thoughts and pictures in our mind raises our vibrational frequency and causes chemical changes in our body that tell us we’re happy. (Sort of like smiling during your morning shower when you got up in a crabby mood. You truly begin to feel happier because your body is programmed to feel good when you smile.)” -Kelly Rudolph

Welcome To Week Eleven

This week let’s have some FUN!! We are creating a deck of Affirmation Cards to carry with us or keep close by to inspire us to BE and DO Better in our lives. I have been creating these types of cards for years and LOVE making them!

You can use 3×5 or 4×6 index cards, an old deck of playing cards, card stock, tags…anything you have laying around your house! Today I am using plain and graph Project Life cards smeared with a few colors of acrylic paint.


These cards won’t take much time to create. They are meant to be fast and FUN! After swiping the cards with paint I choose vibrant, happy images, several rolls of washi tape, wallet size photos of myself and my Positive Affirmation sheet I created for this week’s class…oh and a glue stick. That’s it!! Here is a sample of my Deck…






I LOVE this sweet card set and plan on keeping it with me this week to help me BE more positive about ME!

Enjoy my FREE Affirmations and Images printable

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Have a positive Week!!!