Week Nine: Creating a Timeline

Welcome to Week Nine of my year long art journaling class “I Say Yes”. If you are new to my blog please click here to find the first eight weeks of class. Everything is completely FREE and perfect for both the new and seasoned artist.

That’s me at 14 years old.


I can’t believe how bad I felt about myself here. Looking at my sweet, little girl self today all I see is a Beautiful young woman full of life. I can only imagine the giggles she shares with friends and family as well as all the Dreams she keeps in her Heart.

Our Theme for May

This month we are talking all about Loving Yourself. I completely understand how hard this can be but I am convinced by the end of this month we WILL be in a better place and more willing to accept ourselves than ever before. I am so grateful you are on this Journey with me!

Our Assignment

Our assignment this week is one I first heard about from Brave Girl Melody Ross. I took her flagship class Soul Restoration nearly 10 years ago and it changed my life. Since that class I have seen this week’s assignment used in many programs for healing. However, let me warn you…this can be a very painful process so PLEASE BE KIND AND GENTLE WITH YOURSELF.

This week we are creating a Timeline of our Life…

Starting from your first full year of life through today.







I created mine back in 2011 using an accordian style book. For this class I suggest you use two side by side pages in your art journal. I plan on creating a new Timeline and will share with you later in the week.

As hard as this exercise can be it is one of the most HEALING ones I have ever done.

Please click on the link below for a printable detailing how to create your Timeline along with lots of images to use.

Brave Heart Sisterhood_ “I Say Yes” Week Nine (1)

Along with Loving ourselves we will be talking about Self-Care and what that looks like for you. Lots going on this week on the blog so be sure and check back often!!

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