Connect with Your Deepest Heart Desires


“Whatever you believe within your heart, you can behold it.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita


It’s time to open the door.

Today is the day. Today you can Connect and unlock your Deepest Heart Desires and Be Set Free to live your life. How do I know this? Because it happened to me.

Today I am teaching Art Healing Workshops live and in person as well as on-line. I am creating, I am writing, I am pursuing what lies deep in my Heart. How did this all come about? It started years and years ago within the covers of my journals. Each Birthday I would write these same three words…




I KNEW deep in my Heart my Calling in life was to teach women of all ages, all over the world to not only Heal from old wounds but to Believe in themselves again.


And God KNEW IT.

Connecting with my Deepest Heart Desires hasn’t always been easy…or has it? Haven’t they always been there and I just wasn’t always listening?

I have to say YES. Looking back, even though I may not have realized it I WAS doing things that supported my Dreams of encouraging others, of writing, of hosting a retreat and teaching. And now, TODAY I am aware of my Heart Desires and doing something every single day to LIVE them. To make them come TRUE.

Your Assignment

We are going to create a page (or 2) on YOUR Heart Desires. Be sure and print off the PDF I have created for you. The questions will help you know what your desires are and how to reach them!

I Say Yes Week Eight Journal Sheet

Here is a page of quotes you can use on your pages.

I Say Yes Week Eight Quotes


Here is how my page came together for this week.

I always start with a few images in mind.


I knew I wanted to do my tip-in first and I knew I wanted to use my NEW Dina Wakley stamps!

The paper background is from Jane Davenport. The doily is from an RAK I received!

I printed out my quote sheet then stamped the edges with lime ink.


I knew my tip-in needed something more so I added these new stamps from Prima.


Here is how they look…

bnmI used the butterfly and circle stamp from the set.

Now onto my main page…

I started with washi tape and a piece of Jane Davenport paper.

I decided to use the image from Bella Grace of the girl and the quote about finding your wings…I thought stars would be PERFECT…


Along with the stencil stars I added stamped stars on painted paper then cut out and added gold paint pen.



This is the inside of my tip-in…my Master Dream List along with a photo of myself.



Thank you so much for looking! I hope you will join me along with hundreds of women around the globe for I Say Yes…a FREE year long art journaling class.

I Say Yes



About bravegirlartI am a creative Soul. I love God, my family and try to always see the best in my life. I am passionate about encouraging, uplifting and inspiring others to create art. I teach Faith Journaling Workshops and am the leader of an Art as Prayer group at my church. I love sharing my Story and encourage others to share theirs.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!