You Gotta Friend in Me



The Power of Friends

Any time I think back to my childhood I think of all the wonderful friends I had and what we did together. There was Lisa…my bestie in Middle School. We spent summer afternoons playing “Gypsies” and she was married to Hans Solo and I was married to Luke Skywalker. Then there was Rose, Renee, Jamie and Johnny. They were my neighbors growing up. We did EVERYTHING together! Summers were the absolute BEST!! Midnight Ghost, movies, playing games on the deck, swimming and talking for HOURS. Rhonda has been my friend since we were old enough to talk. Not only did we spend nearly every Friday night together in high school but we have cheered each other on in life and celebrated milestones together. My friends got me through some pretty rough times in my life and each of them holds a special place in my Heart to this day.

Let’s Celebrate!

As we continue our theme of CONNECTIONS this month… we are CELEBRATING our special friendships. You know those women you feel a Sisterhood with. A bond so strong that nothing can break it.


I am soooo GRATEFUL for the Tribe of women I have in MY life. They lift me up and help me SEE the good when all I can see is the bad. My Sister Tribe makes me laugh and laugh and yes, sometimes cry…because of how deeply I feel when I am with them.

I LOVE my Sisterhood!!


Create a page celebrating YOUR special friendships. How did you meet? What do you have in common? Was it a friend at first sight type of relationship?

My love of art journaling has CONNECTED me to so many AMAZING women that ultimately have become my FRIENDS! Has YOUR love of creativity CONNECTED you to your Tribe? Maybe being creative has helped you branch out. Create a page centered on on your Creative Friendships….(like those of us in I Say Yes/Brave Heart Sisterhood!)

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You Tube video using Jane Davenport Mixed-Media Napkins

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