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“He longed for cleanliness and tidiness: it was hard to find peace in the middle of disorder.”
― Robin HobbCity of Dragons


I don’t know about you but I am FAR from organized. It’s a part of my life I have constantly struggled with both inside and outside of my home. My car is littered with coats, half-drunk water bottles and other sorts of things that were just to hard for my family to bring into our house. Our dining room table is used for everything BUT eating. I fold our laundry, pile the mail and dump stuff I don’t know what to do with there. One look around our home and it’s obvious I am desperate need of a professional organizer. Now add the fact I am working full-time…well let’s just say it’s not pretty.

The one place I insist on being tidy is my studio. It’s my safe space. The one place I go to for peace and quiet. Being clean and organized is a must! And the more organized my supplies are the more apt I am to create in my journal. And THAT is what I need most when stress is consuming me. I hope the following ideas and photos inspire YOU to create a place for all those images you use in your journals.

How I organize my magazine images


Last summer when I REALLY started getting into using magazines in my journals I KNEW there had to be a better way to keep them. I was using gallon size zip-loc bags and while those do work well when journaling on the go…I needed something more permanent for my studio. I found exactly what I needed from one of my FAVORITE art journalers…Diane Fago.

Please Note: This process took me at least TWO FULL DAYS. I had HUNDREDS of images and words all jumbled up together so you can imagine what it was like sorting through everything. I must say it was so much fun!! I put “Frasier” on my MAC (my fave show) and sorted for HOURS!

Step One: I first decided on what categories I would sort my piles into. Here is what I decided on…

journal cards


paint pens

Brave Girl Sayings, Images and Cards

letter and phrase stickers

painted papers. tissue paper and napkins

large phrases and quotes

vintage girls


rub-ons, alphabets, raised embellishments

whimsical and wings (these are mostly from Stampington Magazines)



nature scenes, inside scenes

postcards (for tip-ins)



shapes, frames, vintage

hearts, fave things, other

words/phrases (small)

Brave Girl Phrases

Step Two: Create labels for your bins/baskets

Step Three: Sort through your piles

Step Four: Put in the proper bin

Here are what mine look like…

I bought these plastic drawers at Wal-Mart.

These store my large images, words and phrases.

These purple drawers I found at a yard sale last fall. They store my smaller images and words/phrases.


Here are the inside of four of my drawers…

Words/phrases on the top left, Hearts, houses and other shapes on the right. Lower left is my flower drawer and girls on the right.

The shelf on the left houses magazines and books I want to go through and cut out images while the photo on the right shows my flower books.

Here is what the drawers look like on my desk. These are located where I create so everything is within arm’s reach. It’s sooo easy to find exactly what I am looking for!!!


A fun page I created using my supplies.


I hope I have inspired YOU to go through your images and organize in a way that helps you create. I would LOVE to see what you come up with. Please share in our community.

Happy Day, girls!



About bravegirlartI am a creative Soul. I love God, my family and try to always see the best in my life. I am passionate about encouraging, uplifting and inspiring others to create art. I teach Faith Journaling Workshops and am the leader of an Art as Prayer group at my church. I love sharing my Story and encourage others to share theirs.

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