Finding Your Inner Wonder Woman



I have been a Super Hero fan most of my Life…Spider Man, Super Man and Wonder Woman were my favorites! I remember racing home from school to watch the Amazing Spider Man….I LovED IT!


If you were a child of the 70’s like me…chances are you watched an episode or two of Wonder Woman…


Linda Carter was my HERO back in the day. I was just nine years old when Wonder Woman came out but I remember watching her, so beautiful and strong fighting the bad guys. I wanted to be just like her!

Childhood was a rough time for me…I felt very alone and afraid at times. I was an only child with two parents that loved me…there is no question there. However they both were battling demons and trying their best to raise me while suffering from their own wounds.

“Sometimes we get sad about things and we don’t like to tell other people that we are sad about them. We like to keep it a secret. Or sometimes, we are sad but we really don’t know why we are sad, so we say we aren’t sad but we really are.”
― Mark HaddonThe Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

This part of the Story is called “Fat and Lonely”

I despise the word Fat. It’s awful for so many reasons. First of all I would NEVER, EVER call someone that. Yet, so many people do. They not only say it, but laugh and giggle and make songs about it. They toss the word around with such glee at the little boy or girl at school. It’s a word that has hurt me over and over again. One that I associate with circles of children surrounding me while taunting and teasing with so much fervor you would think they were in line to ride their favorite roller coaster.

The middle photo is me from third grade. One of the saddest times in my life…a time I go back too every now and then. I want so desperately to hold that sweet little girl and tell her everything will be ok. That she IS Beautiful. That she DOES have value. That her Dreams ARE worth dreaming.

The cartoon Fat Albert was on every Saturday morning. I loved it…never missed it.


But sadly Fat Albert became my name.

“Hey, Hey, Hey…it’s Mrs. FAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT Albert.”

That’s what the kids called me in school.

It hurt.

So bad.

My little girl self didn’t know it back then…but she had the power to change. She did. She was so much stronger than she ever knew. But she was just a little girl. So frightened. So lonely.

My Dad drank.

A lot.

And when he drank he was mean. I know he loved me because when he DIDN’T drink he was such a GREAT DAD!!! But when he had had one too many he said mean, hurtful things. He called me Chubbox.  That hurt. But  I never told him because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I honestly don’t think he meant anything by it…but it hurt.

My Mom slept.

A lot.

And she didn’t sleep in bed and only at night. No…she slept on the living room floor with a blanket in front of the TV most of the day. I played Barbies on the floor next to my Mom and got scared sometimes when she didn’t wake up. I would shake her to make she sure was alive. It was a lonely and scary time.

I watched TV.

A lot.

It kept me company. Helped me feel not so alone. It helped me escape my life. I lived through Lora Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie” and dreamed I was Nancy Drew.

I always knew I could count on my favorite TV shows to help me get through my day. Those characters were my friends as crazy as that sounds.

**More of my Story coming later this week**

This week’s Assignments

Our theme is Super Hero. What is a Hero?

“A hero is pro-active, empowered, and committed to growth and forward momentum…not a passive audience member watching life go by.”  –Tiny

Art Therapy Page: List all YOUR Super Hero Qualities and create a page.

My qualities are…

  1. My ability to have a lot on my plate and get everything done.
  2. My love of family
  3. My creativity and writing
  4. My ability to stay positive in the face of adversity

Here is my step by step process of the page I created…

First I took a red and a yellow NeoColor water soluble crayon and colored them on my journal page. Then I took a wet brush and went over the crayon. Next I took my Super Hero words and Wonder Woman emblem from our print-out and placed on the page along with a wallet size photo of myself. I always place what I want on my page before glueing anything down in case I want to re-arrange.


Then I took a pencil and a black gel pen to create five boxes on my page.


I filled in the boxes with Super Hero words, images and a quote from Spider Man.

Using medium alphabet stamps I was going to stamp the work POSITIVE. I didn’t leave enough room for the entire word….(photo on the left).

So I had to figure out how to cover it. I decided to add a small piece of washi tape over it and a large Heart…( on the right).

Lastly I wrote out my qualities in each box and journaled my thoughts about them.


I really LOVE how this page turned out!!

Superhero Images Print-out

Super Hero quotes

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