“I Say Yes” Starts March 5th

“Too many people miss the silver lining because they’re expecting gold.”  -Maurice Setter



Are YOU ready?? My FREE art journaling class “I Say Yes” is just days away! You won’t want to miss a thing so be sure and head over to Facebook to be a part of our Private Group. Click here.

Here’s how the class will work

*Each Month I will introduce the Artist and Theme for the Month. I will also provide you with a Word Sheet you can print off with words and quotes that support our theme to use in your journals. I will also introduce at least one art therapy idea for your art journals that first week.

*Each Week I will share 2-3 prompts for your journals, more art therapy type page ideas/projects and a blog post filled with more inspiration. Some weeks will have more PDF sheets as well.

*What else to expect…YouTube videos as least twice a month sharing my process along with various techniques you can use in your journals. Each Monday at 11 AM Central Standard Time we will have a Facebook Live chat. We will talk about the previous week and the week ahead. Also answer any questions you may have. If you can’t make it live I will post it in our group for you to see.

*Feel Good Friday will be every Friday in our Facebook Group where we share something GOOD with everyone!


I can’t wait to get started!! Thank you for being here!!!

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The Art of the Magazine

   We don’t know where and when the ripples of inspiration come ashore. But they do travel!  

      -Andrea Eneuzhage

 But it’s expensive to Art Journal…

Yes, it CAN be. But if you know where to look for the “bulk” of your pages…it can not only be quite inexpensive but so much more FUN! For me finding my photos, words and other treasures to create my journal pages is all part of the experience.

In this post I will be sharing some of my favorite places to find stuff for my pages along with ways I used them in my journals. Look for many more posts on this subject in the weeks to come.

Ok, Leslie…where do you find your stuff?!

I find inspiration in EVERYTHING…but especially in books and magazines.


Some of my favorites are Athleta, Bella Grace, Soft Surroundings, Stampington Publications, Vogue and O Magazine. Along with images I find words, quotes and nature elements that motivate me to create what’s in my Heart.

Here is an example page using an image I found in Athleta. These catalogs are totally FREE by the way.


Most of the journaling was created on my computer…Journey is from a magazine…happy and the phrase above that are from Brave Girl Melody Ross.

These are just a few girls I have cut out of magazines.

bhggSometimes I use the entire page the girl is on..other times I cut her out…like the one below.

cvbdoAlong with the girl “What are you waiting for?”, the Heart and Rise are from magazines. The butterfly is from Brave Girl’s Club and the phrases are from my computer. The white roses are from the BEST resource I have found for flowers…this book…

bh0olI found TWO of these on Amazon for $1.99 EACH!! Hundreds of GORGEOUS, full-color rose images!! Here is the link.  If you use flowers in your journals….THIS IS A MUST!

This is a tip-in (something we will be putting in our journals this year!). Those pink roses  are from this book.


If you are on a tight budget you can send off for FREE flower magazines. The tulips below are from a Breck Bulb catalog. Click here for a FREE catalog!!

cvbb Be sure and check back for MORE ideas on using magazines and other found images as well as how I use them in my art journals over the next few months.

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Thanks for being here!!



Grateful you are here!


Gratitude unlocks the fullness of Life.  -Melody Beattie


I am so grateful you are here!

Art Journaling and Telling My Story saved my life many years ago. It’s now my passion to encourage, uplift and inspire other women to find their voice and get it in their Art Journals.

I offer many FREE classes including my latest I SAY YES. I hope you’ll join me along with hundreds of other women in our private Facebook group.

Life is SO AMAZING, girls!! And I PROMISE you there is POWER in creating Art. It helped me find my Truth and set my Spirit Free to FLY and share with others.